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Crimping fittings

Mechanical fittings

Anchoring and suspension string fittings

Terminal, splice
and sleeves

Hot line clamps

Bimetallic connections


Mechanical repair splice for mid span applications

MTRS: first ever full tension mechanical splice

First and only mechanical splice designed for tensioned conductors up to 10.000 lbs. The patented bolted design delivers consistent clamping force making the electrical connection reliability independent from the stringing load.

Superior electrical connection even with older cables / All aluminum, corrosion free / Wide range taking ability / Double shear head bolt assure proper tightening. / Impact wrench compatible. / Works on slack spans. / Vibration resistant.

The "PIN" system: best system for live-line work environment

The "PIN" system is a comprehensive and extensive system for MV bare network that has standardized all connections through a 25mm (1") pin type bail. With this system, all maintenance operation is made simpler especially facilitating live line working on MV line. This system also provides excellent efficiency and durability to the MV networks.

CD74: hot line clamp made right

SICAME offers a complete range of Hot Line clamps (CD74 Series) to facilitate live line work on bare Medium voltage distribution networks. SICAME Hot Line Clamp design includes numerous advanced features making this product the best Hot Line Clamp out in the market. SICAME CD74 series has been adopted by utilities linemen and engineers throughout the world because 1/ it is easier and safer to install - 2/ it is designed for repeatable, man-independent installation ensuring an optimum connection for each installation.

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Bare conductor fittings

SICAME offers a complete range of fittings and
 connectors accommodating bare conductors 

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