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Single core cold shrink all-in-one joint


ColdShrink Termination

JTR - Hyb

Hybrid transition joint

JUPRF: the best all-in-one one joint

JUPRF cold shrink joint is the most acclaimed all-in-one joint on the market. Its unique conception allows to reduce the number of installation steps to an unmatched level in the market. JUPRF has passed all the most severe tests including robustness and bending. JUPRF is an "all-EPDM" that maximizes the joint protection against water ingress. JUPRF is so easy to install that it has been vastly adopted by field crews.

JTpRFI: transition joints made simple

Transition joints are usually complex and tedious to install. This is over.

JTpRFI has combined the best technique for each step of the installation : 1/ the mastic to prepare the cables, 2/ the cold-shrink electrical bodies 3/ easy to set-up injected resin protection. With this Hybrid solution, jointers save time and headaches and perform each time a high quality, perfectly protected joint.

E3UERF: termination with patented application technique

SICAME has developed a unique and patented system to apply cold shrink termination eliminating the most frustrating part of it : "the zip" spiral. This new and improved application technique is associated with high quality silicone rubber for a long lasting termination even in the most difficult environments.

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