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Presentation of the Universal shear head technology

Universal mechanical connectors

Complete range of cable range-taking mechanical connectors and terminations for circular aluminum or copper stranded conductors. Complete with the patented universal shear screw for installation with either a ratchet or impact wrench. USMF/EUMF serie is cable range taking  & Impact wrench compatible.

The unique screw of our universal technology yields higher torque for larger cable & lower torque for smaller cable. Screws shear flush/recessed within connector body each time. Integral moisture block. Shear screws can be removed after installation. Aluminum or copper cable configurations. Multiple cable configurations.

Bimetallic crimped connectors

SICAME offers a complete range of bimetallic connection with in-house friction welding expertise. Based on selected material nuances and following a scrupulous quality system, our bimetallic connection provide reliable service over time.

Reparation connectors

Our reparation connectors, associated with dedicated heat-shrink accessories - allow to repair a conductor with a single accessory installation instead of 2. Proposed in various length and configuration, our repair sleeve range is designed to accommodate the most special situations.

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