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Insulation Piercing Connector for Covered lines with Anti-Tracking option

PA28-120HP: best anchoring clamp for Covered Conductors

SICAME anchoring clamps for Medium Voltage Covered networks represent a quick and reliable anchoring solution. Installation-ready, sturdy, tracking resistant; these successful clamps are linemen favourites. Sicame has extended its range with a clamp complying with EN 50 397-2 for sections 70-120 sqm (SIP/PAS/BLL/BLX): PA 28 120HP.

TTDC/NTDC: best IPC connectors for MV covered networks

TTDC/NTDC product series offer Insulation Piercing Connector solution for medium voltage covered conductors. What makes TTDC very special is its all-in-one installation routine as in 1 single step the linemen 1/ establish an efficient electrical connection - 2/ seal the conductor for complete waterproof & weatherproof protection and - 3/ cover the connection with a plastic material that extends protection from the conductor cover.

A patented anti-tracking version of TTDC has been developed for higher voltages and harsh pollution environments.

PLVT/PLST: potential free ties for alignment

SICAME has developed a complete range of plastic alignment ties specifically suited for medium voltage covered networks. The special plastic selected has been validated for its durability by extensive climatic ageing testing and live installation positive return on experience.

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Covered network solutions

SICAME has developped a complete range of accessories to build covered networks

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