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SICAME is a leading designer and supplier of crossarms and structural fittings for Aerial Medium Voltage electrical networks 

Camelia: a comprehensive structure system

Camelia is a complete system of Dead-End and alignment crossarms presenting the highest level of weather - resilience. Fruit of extensive return of experience of the Industry, our Camelia range of crossarm is also the easiest to transport, store and install in the industry. 

DAC Omega: protect your poles from tearing down

DAC Omega is a controled lengthening Aanchor-link protecting overhead distribution lines against mechanical overloads.

Ice, rime and wet snow loads on distribution lines as well as fallen trees may increase conductor tension tremendously. In such case, DAC Omega will give back just the right amount of slack to the line in order to protect the full system from breakdown

DERVAFIX: easy-install and hot-stick friendly alignment ties

DERVAFIX is a sturdy and reliable tie for post insulators that dramatically simplifies networks installation and maintenance. The easy & tool-free installation to the insulator can be performed conveniently before the cable is approached. The cable can be strung without pulleys and is secured on the insulator while still able to slide. Once the cable is strung and balanced, the cable can be locked simply by action of the lever. DERVAFIX is compatible with live line work and allows complete cross-arm change live with hot-stick manipulations made easy.

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Live installation of Starpole anchoring system in the Rocky Mountains



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