Branch joints




1 core // 3 cores




Installation illustration of a 3-Core heat-shrink joint.

Joints - 1 & 3 core -- JxPTH series

SICAME heat-shrink joints include a unique 3-layer HS tube performing the electrical function of the accessory in a single step. This reduces the number of steps in the installation to a minimum and secures the electrical function of the joint. 

Branch joints and transitions

On top of the regular straight joints, SICAME has developed a complete set of transition and derivation accessories. Based on the same 3-layer tube principle than the straight joints, these transitions and derivations accessories are saved from many steps and allow to accommodate legacy conductors with new generations in the best conditions

Heat Shrink Terminations

SICAME offers a complete range of heat shrink terminations accommodating single and 3 core configurations, XLPE and PILC conductors, indoor or outdoors applications with various level of pollution. Thanks to the modular built of our terminations, the range is able to cover every common network application.

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