SICAME offers a complete set
of solutions when it comes
to secondary underground network

LV underground



Resin based accessories for low voltage joints and derivations

Poured or injected resin

Cold or heat shrink

Self insulated


 - associated with -

complete selection of connectors 

mechanical or crimped

single or multi core

Poured or injected: the resin experts

SICAME Group has developed a thorough resin expertise that is fully integrated for the formulation, the manufacturing process, testing and defining the associated accessories. Our sets of polyurethane resin formulas are the basis for hundreds of reliable underground accessories.

Cold-shrink accessories: the ultimate ease of installation

SICAME has developped a unique range of cold-shrink accessories for Low-Voltage applications. Based on Silicone or EPDM technologies our LV cold shrink accessories are all manufactured with superior materials. Our main driving force is to provide continuous improvement, constantly impelling us to renew our range of products and develop new patented designs.

Ring connectors

SICAME offers a vast range of Ring Connectors that can be included in LV accessories. Based on plastic or aluminum bodies, these convenient Insulation Piercing Connectors cover most conductor cross sections and configurations.

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