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Suspension clamp for self-supported ABC conductors

PSP120: the "all-road" suspension clamp

PSP120 is a multi-purpose suspension clamp for aerial networks appropriate for self-supported LV-ABC conductors up to 150mm². With a tool-free one hand operation, PSP120 is the most convenient suspension option on the market. A torque controlled wing nut allows to secure the cable in the clamp once the sag has been adjusted. 

Wall mounted system: the best "look vs. cost" compromise

Wall mounted ABC system is probably the best compromise when it comes to removing the poles from the streets.

More and more municipalities are involved in upgrading the general aesthetics of their communities. In a semi-dense environment, wall-mounted system allows to take off from the street poles and conductors. It provides a safe, modular and reliable secondary network for a fraction of the cost required to underground the whole networks.

SICAME Anchoring & Suspension Clamps: age defying plastics

Anchoring and suspension clamps for LV ABC systems are critical components for both the network integrity as well as for the actual safety of people. Thanks to extensive R&D design efforts, particular precautions in selecting the right thermoplastics, unique laboratories capabilities and 30-y long return on experience, Sicame offers the most achieved and reliable range of mechanical accessories for both neutral messenger and self supported networks.

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Our know-how and extensive testing capabilities allow us
to provide the highest mechanical reliability to
LV-ABC Network assets.

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