Anchoring clamp

Suspension clamp



MACC/PS: anchoring and suspension for MV ABC networks

Medium voltage overhead bundle conductors are composed of 3 insulated MV conductors supported by a steel messenger wire. On top of all the associated conductor accessories, SICAME offers a complete selection of mechanical fittings for the messenger including anchoring and suspension.

Cold-Shrink joints and terminations

SICAME offers a range of MV insulated accessories specially selected to interconnect overhead MV ABC conductors. While the technology is rather similar to MV underground applications, accessories for overhead MV ABC are exposed to climatic stress (UV, heat swings, humidity in air). This is the reason why SICAME has selected and tested materials, especially EPDM for the joint, able to endure those conditions.

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voltage ABC

SICAME offers the complete range of accessories - electrical and mechanical - to build MV overhead insulated ABC networks

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