Distributions boxes

Service cutouts

Meter links

Multi-tap connectors

Live-on Load connections

Multibox: versatile and reliable pole top distribution box

SICAME introduces an original range of pole mounted distribution boxes. With innovative connection techniques and modular conception, Multibox offers "tailor made" configurations for single and 3-phase multiple service applications.

Service Cutouts: protect consumers and optimize losses

SICAME offers a large selection of House Service fuse-based cutouts. Wall mounted, pole mounted or simply in line, our selection of service cut-out are the most efficient way to protect consumer installations from over-current. Service cut outs are also efficient tools when it comes to address non technical losses.

Meter links: optimize customer connection process

SICAME offers a vast range of meter and cabinet links allowing easier and more productive installation routines for LV applications. Meter links usually combine 1/an insulation piercing shear head technology for an easy and repeatable connection to the network with 2/ a flexible cable ended up with a pre-assemble ferrule for easy manipulation and interconnection with meter or cabinet.

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Servicing solutions

With multiple service cutout options, SICAME helps utilities protect their customer and reduce non technical losses

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