Fault detectors

Line sensors

Communication devices


Switches and cutouts


Wildlife protection


Live installation of Starpole anchoring system in the Rocky Mountains

Fault indicators and communicating sensors

Sicame offers a range of fault indicators for Medium Voltage lines. Directional or not, our fault indicators are associated with a range of communication units able to communicate with most utilities protocols. 

MV Switches & cutouts

SICAME range of aerial insulated MV switches and cutouts is based on sturdy and reliable designs. Covering a vast range of applications including bypass and remotely activated devices, Sicame products include refined features for additional safety and ease of use such as the double lock latch to maintain switch blades in an open position.

Wildlife protection

Networks and wildlife need to be protected from each-other. Our comprehensive range of products for wildlife protection integrates the 3 possible strategies vs. wildlife : 1/ warn, 2/ dissuade & 3/ protect. Some of our products have been inspired and designed along with wildlife protection associations for maximum efficiency.

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Smart Grid and
network protection

Our range of products extends toward Smart Grid protection applications.

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